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Before and After

I am almost too ashamed of the “before” to post this. But I’m hella proud. I was taking pictures Christmas Eve, and, okay, my room has always been a mess. As a toddler, I’d trash it, Mom and family would clean it. I never really learned how to clean, if that makes sense. “cleaning” was synonymous with “fill trash bags as full as possible”. I have problems with hoarding, and a few times my grandmothers would stop by and just clean my room while I was gone at school, which didn’t help. At all. 

Anyway, Christmas Eve, I see these pics, and realize “Yeah, I got a problem here now.” Still, didn’t know how to fix it. Then my therapist suggested UFYH. 

This was a long, steady project. I wouldn’t do less than 20 minutes, but I also wasn’t allowed to do more than 3 20/10’s a day. There’s still room for improvement, but this has been a blessing to me. On really bad days, physically, my 20 minutes was a game of “what all can I pick up with a grabby stick from my bed?” (Turns out, you CAN pick up a ping-pong ball with a grabby stick if you try hard enough! XD)

So yeah. Hella proud of how this looks now, and disregard the mess of the rat cage, it’s still being set-up. ^_^

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Budgeting 101: An Introduction to Not Screwing Yourself Over Every Month


Hello and welcome to Budgeting 101. I’m The Responsible Adult and I’m here to help you manage your money and figure out what you can actually afford on your piss-poor salary.

I’ve created some budgeting spreadsheets for y’all ranging from super simple to very detailed. You can download them here. Explanations & (very basic) budgeting guide behind the cut.


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Grow Up and Buy Your Own Damn Groceries


When people first move out, they’re completely at a loss on how to buy groceries. Sure, you know how a grocery store works in theory and you’ve used it to buy crackerjack or whatever it is kids are into these days, but you’ve never really had to fill an entire kitchen with supplies. And then do it again and again ad nauseam. So you make multiple trips because you keep forgetting things and all kinds of shit goes to rot in your fridge or on your counter. But fear not, young one, we are here for you.

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A few more tips on groceries/cooking from an old man who cooks for work. Remember when you got Chinese delivered? Don't throw away the containers; they're made for sealing & keeping food as well as carrying it, so they're instant lunch box/leftover/marinating containers. Don't be afraid of work—getting ground chuck is easier than premade ahmburgers, & you can season & size them how you like. Full breasts & loins can be cut to size with scissors. (Cont.)


Finally, someone in your family/friend circle/dorm/apartment complex LIKES TO FUCKING COOK. Find them & make friends with them; chances are, they will be MORE than happy to show you the basics of sautéing, broiling, baking, & grilling, allowing you to impress friends & coworkers alike with your culinary prowess.

I’m going to second the using your cooking friends to learn. Don’t just take advantage of those people and have them cook for you all the time (although, speaking as the cooking friend, they’re probably more than happy to do it)—actually fucking learn something! Even if it’s something as simple as browning a chicken or making tacos. Learn to make something more complicated that cereal and milk. If your friend knows how to do that, then just ask them how to do it. Shit, man, this isn’t hard.